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Yes, even that 1 extra day out of every 4 years...we're there for you. We know that a water problem could result in personal injury, enormous cost of damage, lose of business or personal property, traffic control issues as well as unforeseen costs hitting the town budget. As a qualified vendor, Conn-Professional Water Services is there to help you control the problems and restore service. With a fleet of utility trucks and heavy equipment, our experienced team understands and responds to emergency situations – quickly and effectively.

To help prevent emergency circumstances, Conn-Professional Water Services has developed a Preventative Maintenance Program, consisting of leak detection and fire hydrant inspection as well as repair services. We will tailor a program around the needs of your communicate and take the worry away from you – it's that easy.

Conn-Professional – water services you can rely on.

To learn more, download our service sheet or call us at 203.888.2763.